Custom Design Experience

At Redford Jewelers, we understand that having a piece custom made can be scary.  We take the guesswork out of it by including our customers throughout the entire process.

Our expertise is custom design.  Not only can we create beautiful pieces with stellar craftsmanship, but we know how to engineer a piece so that it lasts a lifetime.

1.39ct Round Brilliant Diamond in 18kw criss cross mounting

1.39ct Round Brilliant Diamond in 18kw criss cross mounting

Together with our customers, we decide on a design.  This could be from drawings, photos or a combination.  We want to know what YOU want!  From there, we tweak the design as needed in order to make sure it a functional and stable piece.

We sell diamonds and all types of colored gemstones (we have fantastic sources!) or, our customers are welcome to bring in their own stones to be set in a piece.


After the stones and style are chosen, it's time to create the model!

We use the Lost Wax Casting Method to turn your dreams into a reality!  A wax model of your piece will be created by hand by our jeweler, and you are invited back at that point to make sure all the measurements and specifications are correct.  

Once the wax is approved, your piece will be cast into metal, stones will be set, and the piece is finished and polished.


Typically, the custom design process takes 2-3 weeks. 

We strive to make Custom Design with Redford Jewelers an experience that will keep our clients coming back. We love creating lasting relationships with our clients, and have serviced generations of families across the United States.

What can we make for you today?