At Redford's, we take the guesswork out of buying a diamond.  We realize that it's a big decision to make, and we enjoy educating our customers so that they may make the best choice for themselves.


We have an advantage in that we don't stock diamonds.  That's right! We prefer to listen to our customer's needs and wants, and then bring diamonds in that fit within those parameters.   This enables us to choose from a wide variety of diamonds from several trusted dealers all over the United States.

Diamond certification such as GIA, IGI or EGL is standard with all stones over 1 carat, but it common with smaller stones as well.  We would be happy to find a certified stone for you.



Our knowledgeable staff knows just how to request diamonds from our suppliers, and we have many resources to find the perfect stone for you, at very competitive prices.

We also specialize in Canadian diamonds, colored diamonds and black diamonds.


Contact us today to start the search for your stone!